Saturday, 11 August 2012

Jack and Marcus

Well, some how I think Marcus might just have been telling a few porky pies about his sexuality... it seems that he’s rather fond of cock on the odd occasion so let’s all celebrate! I mean, that lovely meaty dick of his needs a man’s hand wrapped around it, but then again perhaps an expert mouth would be even better. Queue Jack, our local fuck stallion and the cast is set for a good old sex session where every part of Marcus’ body gets a thorough working over ;-)Mind you, Marcus is understandably a little nervous about doing this on camera so Jack takes it all nice and slow. Gentle kissing, slow undressing, relaxing body licking and then a fabulously sensational blow job all help our newbie along. And then Jack goes in for the main prize... he rims Marcus’ sweet hole and loosens him up nicely with some great finger play. So can you can guess what happens next?Yep, Jack eases his cock slowly but determinedly into Marcus’ arse, gently pushing in and pulling out until his fuck buddy’s hole is full with cock. Jack makes sure that he’s massaging Marcus’ cock all the while... double delight and that big thick hard cock proves it! Picking up the pace, Jack thrusts away with his usual energetic abandon until Marcus’s dick spews out a nice healthy load :-)

Rubdown and then bareback sex - Dennis & Rudy

Two dudes wanted to meet up for a massage. One guy, Rudy Black; was the guy getting the massage from Dennis Reed; who was very anxious to rub him down. Both were of very muscular builds and Dennis Reed used a crazy amount of massage oil on Rudy Black. He massaged him very deep especially around the buttocks, until Rudy Black was so aroused that he pulled brunettes pants down and sucked his dick on the massage chair. Then, they had butt sex and both were really happy

Friday, 10 August 2012

O roludo pediu pra levar vara

"Wow, his ass is hairy!" Jeffrey said, looking at Raymond's muscular, furry ass. "I hope I don't get a hair ball."
Raymond laughed. "Yeah, it's pretty hairy!"
Jeffrey started licking Raymond's hole lightly, and then just kind of dove in. Raymond and Jordan were already in a 69 position. That was perfect, because it let Jeffrey alternate between Raymond's ass crack and sharing Raymond's cock with Jordan.
Then, without notice, Jeffrey slipped his hard cock into Raymond. Raymond looked a little surprised, but then continued going down on Jordan. You could tell Raymond liked it!
What came next was a little bit of a surprise.
"I want to fuck both of them," Jeffrey said, nodding his head toward Jordan and Raymond. And that's what he did... the two bottoms in a sort of "leap frog" position with Jeffrey fucking one, then the other, and then back again.
The biggest surprise came a little later.
"How about we get you double stuffed?" I said to Raymond.
He looked like he didn't know what I meant.
"You mean... two dicks?" he asked. "I don't know if I can..."
"Hey, let's at least try!"

Negros bem

Jessie Colter hot boyfriend Jessy Ares is supper sweet in bed. But Jessie likes it rough. Ares does not like to beat the shit out of Jessie Colter because he loves him. Jessie is bored and looks like Ares have no choice, he have to dill and violate Jessie’s ass to keep his relationship.

Contos: O segundo filme foi real

"Holy shit he's really hot!" Brice confided, just seconds after meeting Calvin.
"I haven't bottomed since like March or May of last year," he continued. "But I'm really excited!"
Calvin had all kinds of ideas about he wanted to do.
"What if before I fuck him I really open his ass?" he suggested. "Like get all up in there and really stretch it out... then lick it... finger it with two or three fingers... maybe a dildo!"
"We can't break the bottom," we reminded him. "Well, at least not right away!"
Brice had a big smile on his face.
Calvin laughed. "I love this place," he chuckled.
Brice was wearing a jock strap and he wanted to leave it on... at least for a little bit.
"It feels like the jockstrap makes it more rough.... I like it rough!" he admitted.
Brice absolutely loved getting fucked by Calvin!
"His dick is so beautiful!" he said.
By the time they were close to cumming, both models were more than excited.
"I've been fucking his ass all day... I'm so god damn horny and wanna cum in it!" Calvin told us.
And that's he did! While Brice was busy shooting all over his face and in his mouth, Calvin was shooting his load onto Brice's hole. He let the cum build up and pool before he shoved it in deep